My artistic expression has grappled with the absence of a singular style, perhaps influenced by my diverse interests or a penchant for exploring different avenues. The renowned artist Seen once remarked to me, "You're all over the place," a trait that has persisted throughout my body of work and life.

Reflecting on my earlier pieces, I often incorporated elements from the world of trains or significant figures in the artistic movement, evident in paintings featuring Stay High 149 or Tracy 168. In those formative years, our creative boundaries were defined, whether on trains, experimenting with letter fonts, or transitioning to later paintings.

Seeking to break free from the constraints of letter-centric art, I began integrating cartoon-like characters and moved away from the repetitive act of painting my name. This exploration extended to my home art studio, where I embraced painting on canvas and experimented with various mediums and styles figuretive,potrait,and Pop Art.

Over time, painting in my studio became therapeutic, akin to the solace found in riding motorcycles or strumming a guitar—each contributing to keeping my powder dry. However, a significant disruption occurred when my first wife passed away in 2016 after 30 years of marriage. Unable to paint, I found myself in disarray. As time unfolds, I anticipate regaining my composure and returning to the canvas.

Im eagerly anticipating the day when I can approach my work with a renewed perspective. In the interim, I offer a collection of my paintings—a testament to the inconsistent yet diverse journey of my artistic exploration.

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