After a three-decade break, I had the incredible opportunity to revisit a cherished period from my youth. Presented here are a collection of outdoor murals I crafted, both independently and in collaboration with other skilled artists.

Witness the stark contrast between a schoolyard wall painted in 1980 at PS 105 where I painted alongside my childhood friend Freddy Rogers (Colt 1) RIP, and the intricately detailed artworks of the 2000s. Painting during both eras was a thrilling experience. A noteworthy anecdote: the paint for the schoolyard mural was acquired through an unconventional means, sourced from the notorious Martin Paint off Gunhill Road in the Bronx, NY. This story is further elaborated on in the Morris Park Crew book.

Signature Spray Can

One of the coolest moments in my life was receiving a Signature Spray Can. As a child, you often hear about iconic items like the Mickey Mantle Baseball Bat or Michael Jordan Sneakers.

Having a Signature Spray Can was my equivelant , created by my friends @ The LA Underground in Alburquerque NM . The can's label showcases real NYC trains that I painted during 1979-1980. Each of these trains was meticulously crafted :) in the tunnel and the "stick outs" at Esplanade Morris Park Station in the Bronx, NY.

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