Welcome to my YouTube Channel

Hello ,this is a personal channel that I started some 11 years ago with the sole purpose to promote the Morris Park Crew book with a video trailer . I just literally realized it was still in existence when starting this other channel below , Jomars "Did You Know".

The immediate plan is to use it to promote these series of books im working on.Although that can change. The latest book to be released Surviving Grief" A Prescription for Disaster is in March 2024.

The following book in the query is "Love beyond Borders "it will be about age gap marriages, having children late in life,cultural differences, retiring abroad,the finances it takes, health tips etc,,

Welcome to Jomar's "Did You Know ?" YouTube Channel

I started this faceless channel a couple of months ago to tinker around with some AI thinking it would be less work. I thought wrong. We touch through a variety of intriguing topics.

World leaders, innovation, sports, and acting icons ,some are quite fascinating insights and stories. From inspiring achievements, to basic facts each video invites you to hopefully expand your knowledge and curiosity. Swing by and check it out.

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